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Engraving & Carving

Engraving and Carving Products

Lux Engraving & Graphic Design offers custom engraving and carving for wooden home decorations, sport plaques, gravoply signs, and special business events. We can design and print a custom wood plaque commemorating a personal sentiment, your favorite sports team or anything you need. You tell us what type of design, what type of material, color preference (full color, stain, polyurethane or gravoply color) and we'll customize it according to what you want. Our professional designs and leading technology will produce a fine, extremely accurate finished piece devoid of flaws or mistakes, creating a very detailed and beautiful appearance. If you are interested in our custom wood engraving or wood carving services, or would like to receive a quote, please contact us today. Prices vary based on size, color, and type of material. 

***Click on a picture to see the full view***Everything is customizable***